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About Me

Sound Designer, audio engineer, composer, and sound art editor seeking a position where I can apply my academic background, and overall musician experience to create sound design for audio, video, gaming, or film.  Experienced with sound design and development, live performance, studio, some theater production, sound to video for original game development, music video development and design.  Also experienced with voice, music, mixing, microphone and recording techniques. Determined and goal-oriented, I offer the experience to collaboratively solve problems and make sound decisions while on tight deadlines.  A flexible, outgoing style enables me to maintain productive relationships with a diverse set of industry participants and offer a passionate approach to bring action to life through the creative use of sound.



Radiant Dark               |   Original, unreleased title   |   2019      |   Design, Edit, Mix audio assets

                                                                                                Sound/Music Development

​Ninja's                        |   Original, unreleased title   |   2019      |   Sound/Music Development


Starlight.                     |  Visual / Sound                    |   2020    |   Performance / Music Video

Morning Rain              |  Visual / Sound.                    |   2020    |   Performance / Music Video

To Zanarkand              |  Visual / Sound                     |   2019     |   Performance / Music Video

Zombies                      |   Sound Design Overdub      |   2018      |   Game Sound Development

Music Production

Original Composition   |  50+ compositions               |   2007-20  |   Record, Produce, Mix, Master 


Nekrogoblikon             |  Goblin Metal Music.            |   2014-18   |   Compose and Perform

Starving for Gravity      |  1 Album - Sound Design      |   2012-14   |    Compose and Perform


Indie Musical              |   Songs of the Fall                |   2016       |   Develop Sound Concept;                                                                                                                           transcribe music for multiple

                                                                                                  instruments.  Collaborate with

                                                                                                  creative leads on audio and sound


Live Performance

Rock n Roll Marathon   |   Stage Management            |   2018       |    Stage, audio, set-up/tear-down,

                                                                                                   set time management, backline.

Nekrogoblikon Tour     |   Stage Management            |   2013 - current    |  Set-up, tear-down for full band                                                                                                                   rehearsals and shows. 

Education, Training, Workshops & Certifications

AVID   |   ProTools User Certification

AVID   |   ProTools Operator Certification 

Internship:  Barn Productions

Associates:  Musicians Institute

Bachelors:  University of Colorado, Musicians Institute, LA City College

(109 of 120 credits towards Bachelor Degree completed)

Skills - Technical Competencies

Sound Mixing/Editing/Enhancement  *  Development of Sound Concepts  *  Technical/Creative Balance  *  Audio/Video Integration  *  Coordinate Rehearsals  *  Sound and Music Gathering  *  Music / Instrument Proficiency  *  Live Performance  *  Stage Management Support  *  Music Composition

System Software:  Mac and Windows OS

Software DAW Experience: Logic Pro, ProTools, Sibelius, Audacity

Sequencing/Programming:  Sequencing plug-ins (e.g. Ultrabeat - Korg Workstation)

Instrument Proficiency:  Piano, Keyboard, Clarinet, Drums, Guitar

Equipment Proficiency:  Roland RD700, Korg M3, Roland Phantom X Series, variety of microphones speakers, amplifiers, and multiple DAW plugins.

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