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"I never approach a new piece of music or sound requirement the same way.  I work to achieve a vivid image in my head complimentary to the project vision and then try to convey that through sound and music. " 

-Aaron Minich

A music and sound artist with a passion for sound, music, composition, and technology to realize audio and sound content that meets a project vision.  Formally trained in music theory principles, composition, performance, recording, and mixing. As a diverse musician, he draws from 13 years of experience as a solo musician, composer, arranger, accompanist, and band member.  In addition to performance and composition, Aaron supports stage management, sound for live venues, sound design, and other areas of the music industry.  Aaron has worked on a variety of projects in different capacities, including sound design, sound editing, composition, and audio development for games.  He is familiar with a range of equipment, is ProTools certified, and competent in studio etiquette.  He is committed to advancing his skills and will support all media (audio, video, gaming, film, or TV).   


Aaron's free-spirited, unique style results in original music and sound that incorporates influences from all genres--a style that demonstrates rapid phrasing, complex harmonies, and offbeat rhythms with unforgettable underlying melodies.  Aaron is keen to point out that everything he listens to impacts his work.  In addition to sound design aspirations, Aaron continues to perform independently, accompanies vocalists, and supports live performances.  He continues as the keyboardist for Nekrogoblikon which was voted top 10 metal band in Los Angeles and has a significant international following.

Aaron's performance skills are outstanding.  He demonstrates fine interpretative skills and he is a sensitive and responsive collaborator.  I have been particularly impressed with his ability to learn repertoire quickly, apply new concepts, and deliver polished performances.  I have found Aaron to be a friendly and hard-working individual.  His personable style makes a very positive contribution to a program / project.  He supports the needs of the music unit as a whole.  It is a pleasure to give Aaron my highest recommendation.


-Alberto Salas, Musicians Institute 

Aaron studied piano and composition with me on a private basis for 7 years.  During this time I found him to be a remarkable talent.  He is well-suited to both classical and comtemporary repertoire, he demonstrates a strong musical command of all the music he performs and composes.  Aaron has shown a true inclination and talent for a "commercial" career and an understanding toward this goal.  He always looks to achieve the most in his study, the application of music, the architecture, the sound, and the required musicality.  He has attended worshops, composition festivals, and other music related activities.  He is a serioud musician and he will thrive in the music industry.  I highly recommend Aaron.

-Leonard Rhodes, Colorado Springs, CO;

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